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Five Auto Theft Myths Can Prevent You From Becoming a Victim (Spring 2008) << Back
The National Crime Information Center, a unit of the FBI, reported that in 2005, a vehicle was stolen every 25.5 seconds in the United States. The agency said that a total of 1,235,226 vehicles were taken, which amounts to over $7.6 billion in vehicle losses alone.
The expense involved in car theft is an important reason why consumers must be prepared in advance to handle their vehicle being stolen. Consumer attitudes about preventing auto theft, however, are based on a number of misconceptions, which can result in serious consequences for the victim.
The following is a joint collaboration of the Insurance Information Institute, The Council of Better Business Bureaus and the National Insurance Crime Bureau.  It teaches drivers about the five myths of auto theft that can make them vulnerable to the high cost of car theft:
1. Most Thefts Occur in Unprotected Areas - Parking in an unprotected area doesn’t mean your vehicle is more likely to be stolen. An FBI report on “Crime in the United States” revealed that over one-third of all vehicle thefts occur at a home, compared to only two of every 10 vehicle thefts occurring at a parking lot. Vehicles that are stolen from highways, roads or alleys, including carjacking, account for the smallest number of thefts.
2. Stolen Vehicles Are Usually Found - Although about one-half of all stolen vehicles are recovered, the first few days are critical. The longer the vehicle remains in the possession of criminals, the less chance of recovery. Fridays and Saturdays are the days with the highest frequency of motor vehicle theft.


Insurance Always Provides a Rental Car - Many insured drivers believe that once they report a stolen car, their auto insurance will automatically cover the cost of a rental car until their vehicle is found. Although theft coverage is included via the comprehensive part of an auto insurance policy, this coverage may not automatically include a replacement rental car for a stolen vehicle.
4. Anti-Theft Devices Are Easy to Install - Pay a competent professional to wire, install and test your anti-theft system because today’s vehicles are too complex for an untrained person to cut into a vehicle’s electronics. Don’t select the installer on price alone, check with the Better Business Bureau (www.bbb.org) to see if the business is reputable. You should also ask if the Mobile Electronics Certification Program (MECP) has certified the alarm system technician. If not, you may want to look elsewhere. The installer should provide a written warranty and show you how the anti-theft system works so that you are comfortable with its operation.
5. Thieves Are Not Interested in Older Vehicles - In 2005, the top five model years stolen were 1991, 1995, 1989, 1994 and 1997, respectively, according to The National Insurance Crime Bureau.
And finally, don’t wait until after your vehicle is stolen to find out what coverage you have. Call your insurance professional at AHTKY Insurance Agency to review your auto insurance policy, including coverage that is mandatory, coverage you’ll most likely need, and additional coverage, such as rental reimbursement.
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