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Your Driving Record and How it Affects Your Premium (Fall 2011) << Back
Your insurance company has the right to review your driving record at any time.  Typically, they’ll review your record when you apply for coverage, renew your policy, request certain changes like adding a vehicle, and definitely when you submit a claim.  This is to evaluate your risk potential, and to determine if you are insurable at all.
Generally, what the insurance company will analyze is the number of points on your license.  When found guilty of traffic violations or at-fault accidents, you are assigned a certain number of points on your license. The more points you accumulate, the worse your record. The points on your driving record will increase your auto insurance premiums and in some cases, dramatically.
Insurers typically evaluate your points using their own system to determine the amount of your rate increase.  Most companies, however, use the Safe Driver Insurance Plan, which lists the different types of violations and assigns a point’s value to each one, based on the severity of the incident.  Under this plan, as you accumulate points, your rates are subject to increase.
In California, the “Good Driver”, is eligible for a twenty percent discount on auto insurance.  A “Good Driver” is defined as anyone with less than two points on his/her driving record over the past three years.
If you have any questions regarding your current driving record and how it affects your insurance premium, please be sure to contact a member of our staff for an explanation of how you are being rated.
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