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When Water Goes Where it Shouldn't (Spring 2014) << Back
Even a small leak can become a major problem, so knowing what you're covered for and how to prevent water damage are equally important. Non weather related water losses have increased dramatically in the past few years, and our insurance underwriters are very cautious when there has been an occurrence.
The tips below should help uncover any potential water problems down the road and keep your property dry:
a. Check appliance hoses. Standard hoses are not as durable as they used to be. Replace rubber hoses with steel-braided hoses. This is a low cost fix that can save thousands in water damage.
b. Broken tiles in the shower can allow water to leak into the wall or on the floor. Replace cracked tiles and re-grout when needed.
c. Run the dishwasher and washing machine only when you are home. If a leak occurs, you can turn the appliance off right away.
d. When on vacation, turn off the main water supply to your house.
e. Keep storm drains near your house clear of leaves.
f. Install a water pressure gauge. An inexpensive gauge can prevent damage caused by water pressure that's too high. Pressure should be between 60 and 80 PSI.
If you have any questions regarding coverage for water losses, please contact one of our insurance professionals.
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