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Earthquake Disaster Planning & Recovery (Spring 2011) << Back

The devastating effects of the recent earthquake in Japan clearly point out that personal catastrophe planning should be an essential part of any family’s risk management program.  There are some very important steps you can take to limit the effect natural disasters have on your life and property and expedite your recovery process.

1. Always have several escape routes from your home mapped out.  Your family safety plan should be posted in a central location and the escape route and emergency contact numbers should be reviewed every six months.
2. Each family member should know where to meet, who to call for help, and where to call to signal their safety to other family members.  Consider designating a friend or family member who lives in another city as the contact person. 
3. If possible, store irreplaceable items and documents like birth, and marriage certificates; passports, deeds, social security cards in a safety deposit box.  You may also consider putting video or photo documentation, serial numbers, appraisals, and receipts in your safety deposit box.
4. Scan your photos to your computer.  You can store your photos with an online storage service or make a CD to place in your safety deposit box.
5. You should have an emergency overnight bag ready to go for every person and pet in your family and always keep a credit card, emergency cash supply and personal identification with you.
6. Everyone in your family should know where they should seek shelter in the home during an earthquake.  It should be away from windows or overhead objects. 
7. Keep adequate water and food stored.  Several days’ supply of drinking water should be kept in a cool, dark place.  Include canned meats, fruits and vegetables.  Don’t forget a manual can opener.
8. Store emergency supplies, such as a first aid kit, flashlights, batteries, prescriptions and a portable lightsource.
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