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Do You Need Earthquake Insurance? (Fall 2014) << Back
According to the official California Multi-hazard Mitigation Plan, there are 2,000 known earthquake faults that crisscross the state of California. They result in the state receiving a:

a. Moderate earthquake (magnitude 5.5) 3 to 4 times per year

b. Strong earthquake (magnitude 6 to 6.9) every 2 to 3 years

c. Major earthquake (magnitude 7 to 7.9) every 10 years

In addition, some parts of California that have not experienced an earthquake for hundreds of years might be more likely to have an earthquake than other areas that have experienced recent earthquakes. That's because earthquake faults build up tension and this tension is released when an earthquake occurs. In other words, no matter where you live in California, you are not immune from the possiblity of earthquake damage. The bottom line is that there are no areas of "no-risk" in the state, just areas of higher or lower risk. In general terms, your home's risk level depends on where you live in relation to earthquake faults, the age and type of dwelling you live in, and the soil types where you live.
So if you live in our "Golden State", we urge you to speak to our staff to determine whether your present policy covers you for earthquake damage or if you should purchase a separate earthquake policy. If you have the coverage, it's also important to find out what you are covered for in the event of an earthquake.
Deductibles and the amount of coverage for earthquake damage vary from company to company. For example, the policy may have limited or no coverage for exterior buildings, swimming pools, decks and landscaping. We have access to several different markets, including a newly formed relationship with ICAT, which enables us to provide you with coverage, deductibles and pricing that are extremely competitive. Call one of our insurance professionals at AHTKY and we'll be happy to review your situation with you.
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