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Protect Your Children While Away at College (Fall 2007) << Back
Although you can't move into the dorm with your child to protect them 24/7, you can make sure they have the same insurance protection they had while living at home. There are several aspects of coverage you need to consider before they leave.
Health insurance coverage may be the most important. Most colleges and universities have an infirmary or basic health center which your child can access free of carge. If your child has a more serious problem or anything that extends beyond basic treatment, they will have to visit a hospital or physician's office off-campus. If they lack proper coverage, it could end up costing you a fortune.
While your child is going to college, you might want to keep them on your medical plan. Most plans cover full-time students as long as they're under the age of 24 (varies by plan). However, you might be restricted to a local network of physicians, and if you child is going away to college in another town or state, you may have to provide them with their own coverage so they can see physicians in their area.
Another coverage to consider is your child's auto insurance. If they are using one of your cars at school, you will want to continue to list them on your policy as a principal driver. If they are not taking a car to college, you still want to list them as an occasional driver on your policy. That way if they visit during breaks, weekends of holidays, they will have coverage when they drive your cars. In this specific instance, you may be eligible for a premium discount if your insurance company has a "student away at school" rate.
Your child will most likely take a computer, printer, and other valuable possessions to college. If your child lives in a dorm, they should be eligible for coverage under your homeowner's policy. If they live off-campus, however, you may have to consider a separate renter's insurance policy in their name to meet the requirements of their landlord. This policy will provide coverage for your child's personal belongings as well as protection if your child injures someone or causes property damage.
Talk to our insurance professionals at AHTKY to determine you and your child's specific needs as they prepare to leave the next.
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