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Renters Insurance is a Must-Have for Apartment Dwellers (Spring 2011) << Back
Many renters assume that because they don’t own their dwelling they have nothing at risk.  In fact, a recent survey by the Insurance Research Council found that only 43 percent of people who rent their dwellings say they had renter’s insurance.
Although renters may not face the same level of risk as homeowners, they still have to protect themselves in the event that disaster strikes.  Your landlord probably carries insurance, but it only protects the building, not the contents of your individual apartment or home.  You need this protection, especially against fire, theft and water damage.
While protecting your personal property is an important reason to carry renter’s insurance, there are other equally important reasons you should never rent an apartment without it.  Renter’s insurance also provides you with liability protection in the event someone slips and falls while in your apartment.  If this happens to you, you are covered up to the policy’s limit for an award in a court judgment and for your legal expenses.
In some instances, apartments could be rendered uninhabitable because of fire, or water damage.  If the event is a covered peril under your policy, renter’s insurance will cover any additional living expenses you incur until you can move back into your apartment.  There is a maximum amount you can receive, depending on your policy.
If you are currently renting an apartment and don’t have renter’s insurance, you have a lot to lose in case of an uninsured loss.  Call one of our insurance professionals at AHTKY and we’ll discuss the advantages of the policy with you.
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