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It's Called CLUE, But It's No Mystery (Summer 2014) << Back
Most insurance companies we represent at AHTKY Insurance Agency use the Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange (CLUE Reports) to see if a home has had significant losses in the past five years. They use this information to help decide whether they will insure a house, and if so, for how much. CLUE reports are available online (www.choicetrust.com). Buyers and sellers can request a copy as they begin the home-transaction process.  Underwriters also use the same report to find out if you have had any automobile related losses in the last 7 years.
The information is shared between insurance companies
Before CLUE, insurance companies would call the automobile or home’s previous insurer(s) to find out if any damage was repaired. Internet technology has transformed this process. Now the information is readily available to insurers and consumers alike, which accelerates the insurance application process.
The earlier the warning, the better
If you’re buying a house, it’s a good idea to request a CLUE report at the same time you make your initial offer. That way, if there has been serious damage or repair to the house, you can direct your home inspector accordingly. The same goes for home sellers. Reviewing the report before listing allows you to fix any inaccuracies or make sure repairs have eliminated the original problem.
The calls are listed, but counted
In some states, CLUE reports may include calls automobile or homeowners clients have made about potential claims, even if no payment occurred. With most of our companies however, “claims without payment” are not a factor in the acceptance or pricing of new policies.
Under the “FACT Act” (Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions) of 2003, everyone is entitled to a free auto and homeowner report every 12 months.  To order your free CLUE Report, visit www.choicetrust.com.
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