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How To Buy Life Insurance (Spring 2006) << Back
by George Y. Hirano, CLU
Too often you were told, “you need xxx $ of life insurance” by an agent.  You were pressured to buy his product without being convinced the amount of life insurance was properly calculated, or indeed was a figment of the agent’s imagination, or worse the agent estimated the size of your check book.
Our professionals at AHTKY are trained to help you calculate your family’s needs, based upon what your wishes are for the future if your breadwinner(s) dies prematurely. It is well known that life insurance can be an answer to the financial dilemma, but how do you go through an orderly procedure which will determine the amount of coverage you need?  How do you evaluate your situation when every person’s situation is so different?
Under the AHTKY method, our professional will assist you to establish those objectives you want to have accomplished under the most extreme circumstance a family may have to face in life.  They are trained to show you how much coverage is required to meet your objectives.  The result of your joint effort, coupled with your professional, is a plan tailored specifically to your needs, based upon the objectives you have established.
Only after your plan has been carefully created, will the many types of applicable life insurance policies be discussed. AHTKY offers this as a service to all our clients and friends without any obligation to buy a product.
Please call your professional agent at AHTKY for an appointment to answer the questions of: Who? What? Where? How much? of life insurance.
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