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Life Settlement is the sale of an unneeded or unwanted life insurance policy by its owner to an investor in exchange for a cash lump sum.   With baby boomers aging, it is turning into one of the fastest growing personal asset management tools available today.
When would someone consider selling their life insurance policy?  Some of the most common reasons include:
a. Primarily, when the original beneficiaries no longer have an essential need for the death benefits.  In other words, it is no longer needed or wanted.
b. Premiums have become unaffordable and too expensive to maintain.
c. You are considering surrendering your existing policy.
d. Your policy is about to lapse.
e. When the original beneficiary has pre-deceased the insured.
f. The policyholder needs supplemental income for retirement.
g. A convertible term policy reaches the end of its level period and the cost of conversion is considered too expensive.
h. There is a change in your estate planning needs.
Can you cash in your existing policy with the life insurance company and have the same result?  Normally, this is not the case.  Statistics show that virtually all policies sold on the open market were done for a greater amount than the value the insurance company would pay.
Life Settlements have been transacted in some form in the US since the 1980’s.  Depending on your individual situation, it can be an important part of your personal asset management.  Contact your insurance professional at AHTKY if you are in any of the above mentioned situations, and we’d be more than happy to discuss the options available to you.
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