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Winn Grips (Spring 2007)  
  Dr. Ben Huang, founder of Winn Grips, is a former rocket scientist who has drastically changed the golf grip industry with his new ideas. He started the present company after receiving his doctoral degree in 1963 and holding various teaching and research positions, including working with Dr. Wernher Von Braun on The Saturn V moon rocket. The company was started in 1977 and is presently headquartered in Huntington Beach, California.
  Winn Grips inspiration was the use of polymer, a synthetic by product of the petrochemical industry to build new tennis then later on, golf grips. At the time, rubber grips had the problem of becoming too hard and too slippery. Winn made the synthetic golf grip become a reality, and as they say in the movies, "the rest is history."
As Winn Grips became more popular, Dr. Huang, never wanting to sit still, went one step further and introduced color and fashion into the grips. The golf grips were too "boring" according to Dr. Huang. Now at least a golfer can "express their individual style" with the different color combinations says Dr. Huang. Butch Harmon, famous golf instructor, has been a long time representative of Winn Grips, and he has also recently brought on board high profile professional golfers John Daly and Natalie Gulbis.
The secret to their success according to Dr. Huang, is "innovation." Before Winn Grips came along, "manufactures of clubs spent all their time, research and money on club head and shaft design. After they were done, they stuck a piece of plain black rubber on the end and they were done. Winn Grips changed all of that" says Dr. Huang. "We educated golfers about the importance of the grip and with the help of our innovative technology, helped them to better their game." For instance, "along with better feeling material, our grips have 65% more shock absorption characteristics than rubber grips. In addition, Winn grips have 45% more slip resistant characteristics, helping every golfer feel more comfortable with a looser grip. Both are essential to helping them develop a better game."
2007 brings a brand new line of golf grips where "technology meets style" and can be found in local golf shops everywhere. Golfers now have a choice of grips not only inspired by art, but driven by science. There are various new lines being introduced, with even more striking colors and fresh designs along with Winn's signature comfort and all weather playability. All of this will now make you able to express yourself on the golf course with not only high performance, but with visual flair!
Winn Grips have been clients of AHTKY Insurance for over thirty years. The reason, according to Dr. Huang, is "excellent, immediate service when we need it and having fun too." It's been a privilege for AHTKY to serve them. We have been with Winn through their formative years and consider them a top of the line company, combining the best product line available today as well as the business acumen to take it to the highest levels in the competitive golf marketplace.
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